Is 'Obama Vote a No-Brainer for Medical Marijuana Industry'?



Medical Marijuana Business Daily says Thursday that 'Despite Crackdown, Obama Vote a No-Brainer for Medical Marijuana Industry'. It's a key endorsement. MMBD has emerged as a sort of Wall St. Journal for industry news, with a lot of pull in the swing state of Colorado, a place where plenty of folks are considering not voting or casting a protest vote for Gary Johnson. That could be disastrous.

"... if you really want what’s best for your company, the marijuana industry and the very future of medical cannabis, MMJ Business Daily believes that you should cast your doubts aside and vote for Obama on Nov. 6," MMDN writes. "We are officially endorsing the incumbent because we’re convinced he will be much more tolerant of the medical marijuana industry than an administration led by Mitt Romney."

"Yes, we realize that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is easily the most MMJ-friendly nominee," the editorial continues. "And we understand why some of you would rather not vote at all — or at least not for Obama or Romney. ... But voting for Johnson or abstaining entirely won’t actually change anything. Johnson cannot win this election, and the MMJ community is not yet strong enough — or cohesive enough — to 'send a message' to presidential candidates."

"As business owners trying to run a going concern, you have to be realistic and work with what you have. And what you have right now is the choice between Romney and Obama. Voting with your conscious and backing Johnson will do no good if Romney is elected and shuts down the entire industry. ... We expect Obama to ease up if he is reelected and work to find a tenable solution for states with regulated MMJ industries."

Read Chris Walsh's whole take and let us know if he changed your mind.