iPad for Pot Deal Busted; Kid Cudi Arrested; E3 to Feature Redman, Method Man



Today's required reading: Medical cannabis users — long-barred from giving blood — host an unprecedented Red Cross blood drive in San Jose. ... The Chronicle profiles Oakland activist Richard Lee. ... California's prisons are so overcrowded (partially with non-violent drug offenders) that the Supreme Court will hear a case to release tens of thousands, the L.A. Times reports. ... That election last week? No one voted, L.A. Times finds. ... The next time someone frets about drugged driving, remind them 'Talking or Texting Behind the Wheel Is Roughly Equivalent to Driving Drunk.' ... iPad for pot sale on Craigslist goes bust. ... Santa Barbara raids dispensary. ... "Lonely Stoner" Kid Cudi arrested in domestic dispute. ... Humboldt cannabis health and safety forum announced. ... Oakland man ridin' dirty leads cops to his stash, Tribune reports. ... And this week is the big video game expo: E3 in L.A. Noted tokers Method Man and Redman are slated to perform in support of Def Jam Rap Star, a new rap karaoke game.