International Cannabis and Hemp Expo: That's a Wrap!



The International Cannabis and Hemp Expo drew thousands to downtown Oakland over Labor Day weekend. Let's review the almost totally positive coverage:

1) The Best Slideshow goes to The Huffington Post.

2) The Craziest Video goes to the Associated Press, for finding a drug war supporter who also hates The Man for destroying black communities — with drugs.

3) Best Anti-quote: The Christian Science Monitor: “Kids will look over and see what’s going on and will wonder why it’s so exclusive and that will make it cool to them,” she says. “We don’t need this.”


4) Speaking of kids: coralreefer420, looks all of 14 in this expo video and post from Stuff Stoners Like.

5) Photo of the Biggest Nug goes to: Oakland North.

6) And the Best Comments Award goes to: as always, the trolls on Some excerpts:

The Gran Torino Troll
- Marijuana + Murders. Go Oakland?

The Clash of Civilizations Troll
-The real reason China is outdoing us on the world scene is that they deserve it. They're working and we're looking for ways to do nothing but smoke weed all day.

The Kinda True Troll
- Anyone notice how filthy this guy's hands are? Roll me another, hepatitis boy.

Then there's the helpful On-Topic Lady
- hate to break it to you guys but I attended a pot festival right here in San Francisco in front of City Hall six years ago. Nothing new here. And honestly I hope that you need to be 21 to get a card otherwise the police should be involved and the use of this drug, like any others, should be regulated and taxed.

The Uh-Oh
-I spent most of my time in the hot hemp oil massage tent.. then I found out that it wasn't part of the festival, just two guys that took a shine to me....DUDES!”

And The New Spokesman
- I have smoked pot on and off for the last 40 years, highly educated and recently retired. I spent a wonderful and challenging career as a nuclear physicist both at Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos. Some of these comments make it sound like people who smoke pot are stupid and can't hold down a job but some of the most brilliant people I have ever met and worked with smoked pot, sometimes a lot of pot. Now that I am retired, I enjoy smoking it that much more because I have time to do creative things and explore new hobbies. There is nothing like spending some time in nature, away from people with a THC buzz that nature gave us.”

Seriously, though. Clean and trim those nails for primetime, ya'll.

Pass on grass?
  • Pass on grass?