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When: Nov. 16-Dec. 22 2018

In the early 1900s, the Brown Paper Bag Test determined a person’s worth by skin tone. This test segregated folks into being either a “person of color” or “white.” As “a person of color who can be white-passing,” Alicia McDaniel uses paper bags in her work as a symbol of resistance against racism and colorism today. McDaniel, a Sacramento native currently residing in the Bay Area, is an artist of many talents. She paints, sculpts, and even makes short video clips — and they all incorporate the brown bag. In her previous work “Don’t Call me Abuela,” an acrylic and ink piece that features multiple side-by-side portraits of a smiling woman giving off major ’70s vibes, McDaniel randomly rips apart sections of the white-toned top layer, which reveal a brown bag foundation underneath. Now, McDaniel presents Imposter. The solo exhibit — a mix of mediums including a floating pencil installation and walls covered entirely in brown bags — highlights the differences between her and her family’s experiences growing up.

Amyra Soriano

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