Immigration Raids Spark Panic



After federal immigration officials nabbed a family of illegal immgrants in Berkeley, and conducted surveillance operations near an elementary school in East Oakland, a bizarre, panicky rumor spread that the feds were marching onto East Bay public schools and carting off kids in vans. According to the Oakland Tribune, immigration officers were seen surveilling a few residences near the Stonehurst school campus on 98th Avenue. School officials and volunteers called parents and warned them that their children may have been targeted by the feds. By the afternoon, reporters, parents, and public officials were swarming over the campus in adrenaline mode, while teachers kept the students in class, waiting for the all-clear. Now, Oakland district cops are patrolling the campus, apparently ready to duke it out with any federales who might show up. Okay, this is just too bizarre. What are they gonna do, draw down on them?