Howlin' Rain Premieres Rollicking New 'Missouri' Video


  • Photo courtesy of Kristy Walker
Oakland's Howlin' Rain teamed up with the Express to premiere its new music video for "Missouri." The song comes from the rock band's soulful, anthemic new album Alligator Bride, which saw the group return to its DIY roots via bandleader Ethan Miller's own Silver Current Records. Miller is, of course, the Bay Area favorite who also fronts Heron Oblivion and Feral Ohms and formerly helmed Comets on Fire.

Miller shared a little bit about the new release: "The mission with the ‘Missouri’ video was to capture the live energy of the band, which I think we did quite nicely here. The energy is always high and together there's always a feeling of the band as a single entity being on the brink of eruption. When we get on stage that energy just goes through the roof. It’s such a joy to feel those guys whipping up around me like cyclones!”