How to Get Into UC Berkeley? Try Riverdancing



UC Berkeley officials have released their freshman admissions data for 2008, so let the number-crunching begin! This year, a whopping 48,400 high school students applied to Cal, reflecting the "Tidal Wave II" demographic surge, but only 12,616 were admitted. Fifty-five percent of incoming students are women, 33.7 percent are white, 40.7 percent are Asian American, 3.1 percent black, 12.8 percent Chicano/Latino, and 7.9 percent told UC demographers to take their race questions and do something impolite with them. Finally, the class of 2012 includes some extraordinary superachievers, including a champion sailor, a "back-up dancer for a pop star on a U.S. concert tour," and "an international Irish dance competition winner." Sounds like an interdisciplinary major in the making.