How Many Laws Can One Councilman Break?


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Embattled Emeryville City Councilman Ken Bukowski is being investigated by the city's police department for receiving nearly $100,000 in loans from local businesses in possible violation of the law, according to the Trib. In addition, the Chron reports today that Bukowski has been maintaining a second residence in San Francisco for years, raising questions as to whether he actually lives in Emeryville as required under state election law. The Chron story also points out that Bukowski has been receiving a huge break on his rent for his Nob Hill apartment under San Francisco rent control laws that are supposed to apply only to people who actually live in San Francisco.

Bukowski has been in financial trouble for a long time. Last year, it was revealed that he had failed to pay his property taxes and his business taxes. In addition, he got in trouble for taking a tech job with a company that does business with the City of Emeryville. And he was fined $15,500 by the state for using campaign funds to pay his mortgage. Then last week, the rest of the council stripped him of his vice mayor position and took him off of all the commissions he had served on.