How Desperate is SF Gate?



This desperate. Like other newspapers around the country, the Chron has been experimenting with setting up a two-tiered web presence: major investigative pieces and local news for the readers who are willing to pay for it, and lowbrow get-the-marks-in-the-gate items to attract pageviews and sell ads around them. But today's offering is the most amusingly shameless slideshow yet: "From Kristen Stewart to Angelina Jolie, a look at who's getting hotter as she gets older and who has seen better days." Hit the link — we know you want to — and you get pics of Hollywood starlets when they first hit the scene, and what they look like ten or, God forbid, fifteen years later. Kudos to you, SF Gate, for learning the lessons of TMZ so well. All you need to do now is photoshop spittle dribbling from their pouty lips, and you'll be pulling in Perez Hilton's numbers.