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A night of true scary stories.


There are a lot of different kinds of scary stories. There are those spooky tales that involve ghosts and murderers and all that traditional Halloween stuff. And then there are the type that can almost be more horrifying — the ones that you could more easily imagine happening to you. At Busting Out Storytelling: Horrified!, which will take place at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle (410 14th St., Oakland) on October 30, the scary stories will mostly be of the latter sort. “That time you discovered a disgruntled old flame was going on the Jerry Springer Show, the time you dyed your hair purple and it changed the color of the Airbnb shower tiles, or when you were locked in the mall basement bathroom,” as the show’s teaser reads. Host Kay DeMartini (who will apparently be dressed as a Marilyn Monroe-and-Batwoman hybrid) invited six storytellers to share their true experiences first, then audience members will be invited to share theirs. Also, everyone is encouraged to come in costume.