Horowitz Back On The Horse


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Daniel Horowitz, the high-profile criminal defense attorney whose wife was brutally and ritualistically murdered last year by then-16-year-old Scott Dyleski, has signed on to defend another Contra Costa County 16-year-old accused of murder, reports MediaNews. Danville resident Andrew Mantas has been charged with bludgeoning to death his mother, 43-year-old Dimitra Mantas. In speaking with MediaNews, Horowitz, who has taken on the case pro-bono, drew a contrast between the two teens. "There is no comparison between a murder where someone who kills revels in it and glories in it versus someone who is tortured and tried to get help," he said.

If the Mantas case goes to trial, Horowitz will likely do battle with CoCo County D.A. Harold Jewett. That is the same Harold Jewett who just this summer Horowitz silently rooted on while watching him secure a guilty verdict for his wife's murderer.