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Hooray for the Troublemakers

The 10 best movies of 2019, and more.



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But Honka's favorite drinking companions are the solitary, besotted female barflies he lures to his apartment — whereupon he kills them, stuffing the leftover body parts into the walls. The murder scenes are horribly graphic. Where is director Akin trying to go with this cavalcade of misanthropy, misogyny, and corruption? We honestly cannot guess. "Euro trash" does not really describe the milieu here. Not for the squeamish. Leos Carax, move over. The Golden Glove, which may not have actually played in a Bay Area theater, is distributed domestically by Strand Releasing. Watch it if you dare.

What would Henri Langlois, who died in 1977, have to say about the 2019 crop of films released in North America? We like to imagine he would take his celebrated open-arms stance, a point of view that embraces every piece of film, from the most expensively produced to the obscure and clandestine, as an expression of the human spirit. Best wishes for the coming new year, and keep your eyes and mind open.

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