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HIDE at Golden Bull


  • Photo by Kristin Cofer

HIDE has a strong affiliation with punk rock, though in reality the group is a dark, gothy electronic duo, not exactly punk, except maybe its DIY ethos and wild on-stage energy. The group has toured with emo-punkers Alkaline Trio, and has even collaborated with singer Matt Skiba. But HIDE’s connection to Alkaline Trio goes much deeper. Vocalist Heather Gabel has designed hundreds of the band’s shirts and even its heart and skull logo. When Gabel isn’t singing for HIDE, she is creating bizarre experimental visual works of art. Her unsettlingly morbid visual style matches the darkly dissonant sound of HIDE’s music. Together with musician Seth Sher, who up to that point had been working as a drummer, the two create something totally unique for both of them — Gabel at that point was known more for her art. The group’s gritty sound, and fetish imagery, brings to mind some of the raw elements of early industrial.

Tuesday, July 25, 9 pm, $10, 412 14th St, Oakland,