Hey, West Oakland: Herodotus Thinks You Suck



Now that Nancy Nadel has been reelected, wonky Oakland blogger and dedicated Sean Sullivan supporter V Smoothe is mending her broken heart with a box of chocolates, a nice bubble bath, and some "Sex and the City" reruns. Okay, we kid. Actually, she's scanning Herodotus in search of passages that most concisely say, "Fuck You, West Oakland." Here's the winner, as posted on her blog. "The masses are a feckless lot -- nowhere will you find more ignorance or irresponsibility or violence. It would be an intolerable thing to escape the murderous caprice of a king, only to be caught by the equally wanton brutality of the rabble. ... The masses have not a thought in their heads; all they can do is to rush blindly into politics like a river in a flood." V Smoothe adds, "Ultimately, I think he's wrong. But on days like today, it's hard not to sympathize." And the world breathes a sigh of relief, thankful that her faith in humanity has survived Oakland democracy.