Hey, McNerney! We Want Ice Cream With Our Pie!



It must be the season for profiles packed with did-you-know? facts, but the Contra Costa Times has a nice profile of Pombo-ousting first-time Congressman Jerry McNerney containing several surprising tidbits. Did you know he survived an airplane hijacking? That he's a twin? That he quit West Point because he didn't support the Vietnam War? That his son launched his political career by jokingly writing in his name on the 2002 ballot? Or that his first lesson in progressive politics came from watching his dad dish up dessert? The Times reports: "I remember he would ask us, 'Do you want a small piece of pie, a medium piece of pie, or a liberal piece of pie?'" McNerney said. "I had no idea what he was talking about at the time. Now I do!" Aw, now that's kind of cute.