Hey, Look, We're in Salon, Talking 'Bout Medical Weed Delivery



And now for a moment of self-back-patting as we link to Salon's Thursday story "Riding along with a mobile marijuana dispensary" by Katya Cengel, wherein your humble author appears as sort of an expert source on the topic. "Medical marijuana columnist David Downs calls the mobile business 'the perfect crystallization of America’s denialism about its pot habit.'"

Cengel rides along with Legalization Nation subject Playbud deliveries, and talks to past subjects Tea House Collective.

"David Downs has been covering the marijuana beat for three years for the East Bay Express. He explained that while mobile dispensaries have long been prominent in Southern California, they really gained ground in the north following last October’s crackdown. You can find dozens of Bay Area mobile dispensaries on weedmaps.com. There are several cases the state Supreme Court is expected to rule on later this year — including one on whether localities have a right to ban dispensaries under state law — and which may or may not clear up the schizophrenic response that has so far characterized the California scene.

Mobile weed delivery increases with dispensary bans
  • David Downs
  • Mobile weed delivery increases with dispensary bans

"In the meantime, many in the trade believe mobile businesses remain the safer bet because of their lower visibility. But they transport marijuana — which is another aspect of the trade that operates in a bit of legal limbo. Downs has heard both of drivers being sent to sting locations and arrested, and drivers that have been robbed and then sought the help of law enforcement officers. The vagueness of the laws means those in the business are continually in danger of being arrested."