Herer's Legacy: Calvin Klein, Armani Craft Hemp Clothes



Just three days after the legalization community lost noted activist Jack Herer, the LA Times penned a suitable tribute — a list of mainstream clothiers who've embraced hemp:

Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein are among the designers who've seen through the smoke and incorporated hemp textiles into their lines. And Whole Foods, Urban Outfitters, American Rag and Fred Segal are some of the better-known stores selling fashion-forward hemp brands, such as Livity Outernational, Jung Maven, Satori and Hemp Hoodlamb, all of which exploit hemp's various attributes in chic items that run the gamut from technical outerwear to dresses that would hardly be the first choice of the dreadlocks-and-doobie crowd.

Back in the '50s, widespread racism fomented the ban on the industrial textile. It destroyed lives, livelihoods and the environment for no reason. Now, thanks to work like Herer's The Emperor Wears No Clothes, widespread use of hemp is on the verge of being cliche and non-newsworthy. The hemp ban seems destined to end not with a climactic bang, but with nary a consumer whimper. Happy 4/20 week, ya'll.