Has the Tide Turned for Ron Dellums?


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Ron Dellums’ successes in 2009 have convinced some Oakland leaders that his mayoral tenure needs to be reevaluated. During his state of the city speech last night, City Council President Jane Brunner said Dellums deserves much credit for positioning the city for growth, according to the Chron. Brunner also called Dellums’ success in attracting a record $163 million in federal funds last year “phenomenal.”

Although Dellums has not decided whether he will run for reelection this year, it’s becoming clear that his job performance in 2009 may help restore his once sterling reputation and overcome his lackluster peformance during his first two years in the mayor’s office. Along with the huge amounts of federal money he helped bring to Oakland, his accomplishments last year included hiring a topnotch new police chief, Anthony Batts, leading an effort to keep the A’s in Oakland, and appointing a solid city administrator, Dan Lindheim.

Dellums also achieved his goal of lowering crime citywide by 10 percent in 2009. And according to the Trib, he vowed in his two-hour speech at City Hall last night that crime would drop again in 2010.