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Hands and Pants 6

John Casey and friends at Faultline Art Space.


John Casey has a signature style of illustration. His wiry black lines twist into contour drawings that form disproportionate figures. And within his body of work, there are a few characteristics that are particularly recognizable — namely, hands and pants. But Casey has decided to share those elements. For his ongoing project, “Hands and Pants,” he draws versions of hands and pants on otherwise blank paper, then distributes them to his artistic peers. And every once in a while, he puts the newest ones into an exhibition. Hands and Pants 6, currently on view at Faultline Art Space (815 High St., Oakland) through February 27, includes more than one hundred of those collaborations. Participating artists include Deth P. Sun, David Polka, Lucien Shapiro, Lexa Walsh, Marcos LaFarga, Ryan De La Hoz, and Max Kauffman. The result is a wild range of riffs on Casey’s work that collectively symbolize his artistic community. It’s also a really fun show, and each piece is only $150.


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