Hackers Infiltrate PBS Web Site, Post Fake Tupac Article



On Saturday the PBS web site ran an article about famed rapper Tupac Shakur, long thought dead. Apparently, he's alive and living in New Zealand.

The news actually came from a group of hackers who invaded PBS in retaliation for a Frontline episode about WikiLeaks, which they evidently found dissatisfying, The New York Times reports. Working under the moniker LulzSec, the hackers infiltrated PBS, posted the Tupac article, then uncovered a bunch of passwords and e-mail addresses for people representing a wide range of news organizations, and released them on Twitter. LulzSec (or The Lulz Boat, as it's also known) is responsible for at least two prior attacks on media organizations, including Fox News and The "X" Factor.
PBS became aware of the invasion shortly after @LulzSec started boasting about it on Twitter: “What’s wrong with @PBS, how come all of its servers are rooted?" PBS employees spent the rest of the holiday weekend doing damage control, and releasing statements to acknowledge that the Tupac article was, indeed, fake. As far as we know, the rapper still rests comfortably in his grave.