"Got Milk" Ads Pulled After Feminists Cry Foul


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Here's one for all the feminists who cried foul over the controversial "Got Milk" campaign launched by San Francisco ad agency Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners, which touted the drink as a cure for PMS (and female bitchiness). According to Bay Citizen, the California Milk Processing Board just pulled its 10-day old campaign, which initially linked to a web site called EverythingIDoIsWrong.org. (It was presumably addressed to male victims of PMS fallout, and others who suffer the wrath of milk-deprived women.) Now the link redirects to a new site, GotDiscussion.org, which is apparently the organization's attempt at damage control. The home page of the site says: “Over the past couple of weeks, regrettably, some people found our campaign to be outrageous and misguided — and we apologize to those we offended.” It also quotes praises from people who found the campaign "cute" or "educational." Talk about mixed messages.