God Does YouTube



This video titled "Sufey - Who God Is" represents just one of a recent spate of earnest spiritual testimonials posted on YouTube by UC Berkeley students who belong to Cal Journey, a member of Campus Crusade for Christ International. It's a rather modern way to get their message out, which got me wondering: how often does God turn up on YouTube? Let's just say a he - um, a heck of a lot. (374,000 times.) Narrowing the search by adding the word "Christ" netted nearly 9,000 videos. In the past 24 hours alone posts have run the gamut from videos by fledgling Christian rappers to a riveting clip from last night's Nightline show, "Does God Exist?" (which pitted Christians against Atheists, and featured former TV heartthrob turned uber-Christian Kirk Cameron), to this infectious bit of cinema. What next, God on MySpace? Oh, right!