God Bless America

Rated R 107 minutes 2012

Bobcat Goldthwait, the standup-comedian-turned-filmmaker who gave us World’s Greatest Dad, throws out a puzzler with this saga of a middle-age-crazy man (well played by Joel Murray) who goes on a road-trip shooting rampage with his unlikely sidekick, a teenage girl (Tara Lynne Barr) who idolizes Alice Cooper. Is it Goldthwait’s darker-than-thou comic commentary on violence and dumbed-down entertainment in the USA, or does he identify with pissed-off Frank Murdoch, à la Falling Down? We may never know for sure. Writer-director Goldthwait’s scathing portrait of everyday life and parodies of terrible TV shows are fun for awhile, but as the bodies pile up the angry-white-guy riff produces more heat than light. Rage is already cheap and Goldthwait sells it at a discount. Also with Aris Alvarado. (104 min.)

Film Credits

Official Site: www.magnetreleasing.com/godblessamerica

Director: Bobcat Goldthwaite

Producer: Sean McKittrick, Jeff Culotta, Edward Hamm Jr. and Richard Kelly

Cast: Joel Murray, Tara Barr, Melinda Hamilton, Mackenzie Smith, Rich McDonald, Maddie Hasson, Larry Miller, Travis Wester, Lauren Phillips, Aris Alvarado and Regan Burns


God Bless America

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