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Go See Shotgun Players' Nora


Post-election, the mantra for 2017 is fast becoming “take action.” Shotgun Players untangles the intentions behind what it means to be an activist by posing an intriguing question: Are you Nora, or her husband, Torvald, in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House? Are you rebellious or docile, patriarchal or progressive? The 1879 play attacked marital norms of the day and had women and men battling as they defined courage, fear, love, intimidation, and other interpersonal forces. In 1966, playwright and filmmaker Ingmar Bergman stripped the original to its essentials to create Nora, upon which director Beth Wilmurt’s Shotgun production is based. Who would you be — or, more importantly, who are you now, and what will you do if and when your world is turned upside down? The show will likely not provide easy answers, but count on Shotgun for leading the charge when it comes to present tough, provocative questions in rich, relevant plays.