Giant Stinky Corpse Flower to ... Flower



In the mood for something stinky? Staff at UC Botanical Garden expects its rare, giant titan arum, or "corpse flower," to bloom this week. And when it does, it'll unleash its putrid smell. "It really does smell like there's a dead body in the room," Garden Director Paul Licht was quoted in this UC Berkeley press release. Apparently, the odor helps the plant attract insects to carry its pollen. Nicknamed "Titania," the plant currently stands at over five feet tall. When it blooms, it'll open to a diameter of three to four feet. It's the garden's second corpse plant to bloom. The first, "Trudy," blossomed around this time two years ago. About two days before blooming, the plant's green pleated skirt turns a purplish hue. Staff says the plant will bloom within the next two or three days. Click here for more information.