George Soros Chips $1 Million to Prop 19



The ballot measure to tax and regulate small amounts of cannabis in California just got a huge shot in the arm from billionaire philanthropist and drug law reform advocate George Soros. The Sacramento Bee broke the news this morning that Soros has given $1 million to the Prop 19 today, confirmed in this campaign finance report. An otherwise low-budget affair, Soros' donation doubles 2010 contribution totals to Prop 19 in the final six days before the election. The Yes on 19 campaign has begun running last-minute TV ads in Los Angeles, and Soros' dough will likely keep those ads on-air. Internal Yes on 19 polls show it passing 56-41, but an LATimes/USC poll had it down significantly. Prop 19 has a 32 percent probability of passing, based on 5,481 bets placed via prediction market InTrade.