Gay-Marriage Opponents Wrap Themselves in Obama



Opponents of gay marriage repeatedly attempted to portray themselves as no different from President Obama, who also has opposed same-sex nuptials, during the first week of the historic Prop. 8 trial in federal court, the Chron reports. Same-sex marriage opponents are wrapping themselves in Obama in an attempt to counteract efforts by gay-marriage supporters to portray them as bigots. But the Obama-embrace may fall on its face this week when William Tam, one of the main supporters of Prop. 8 who really is a bigot, takes the stand.

Last week, gay marriage supporters revealed some of the tactics used last year by Tam to illegalize same-sex nuptials, including a letter he sent that equated gay-marriage rights with child molestation and warned that if Prop. 8 failed, “other states would fall into Satan’s hands.” He also said that if same-sex marriage were to remain legal, San Francisco would legalize sex with children and “more children would become homosexual.”

Tam’s testimony promises to be a key moment in the trial, because if the same-sex-marriage side can show that the driving force behind Prop. 8 was animus toward gays and lesbians, then they should be able to prove that the measure was unconstitutional. But if gay marriage opponents can convince the judge that they’re just like Obama, and that they harbor no hatred for gays and lesbians, then it could prove decisive in their attempt to keep same-sex nuptials illegal.