Gay Marriage Gaining Ground



An analysis of 20 years of polling on Californian's attitudes towards gay marriage was released today - and the results look promising. (If you think it ought to be legalized, that is.) While public opinion in a number of states hasn't wavered much over the years (in other words, the majority still believe gay marriage=sin), California residents have become more accepting, according to the Mercury News. In 1985, 30 percent of us supported gay marriage. Now, 43 percent do.

Some other interesting revelations about who approves : *47 percent of women *39 percent of men *76 percent of self-described liberals and 59 percent of Democrats (both have increased over time) *15 percent of self-described conservatives and 23 percent of Rebublicans (both have decreased over time) *Asians: 55 percent *Whites: 46 percent *Latinos: 33 percent *African-Americans: 23 percent