Garrido to Plead Guilty for Kidnapping Jaycee Dugard



Prosecutors and defense attorneys are currently haggling over the amount of time that Phillip Garrido will serve for kidnapping 11-year-old Jaycee Dugard back in 1991. Five hundred years? Six hundred years? Whatever the sentence, he'll spend the rest of his life behind bars after pleading guilty this Thursday, according to Chron reporter Marisa Lagos. Now the real question is what to do about Garrido's wife Nancy, who confessed to luring Dugard from a South Lake Tahoe street into the Garrido's car. Her lawyer Stephen Tapson says that Nancy will most likely stand trial in the case. She admitted to being fully aware of the alleged sex crimes, and said that she delivered Dugard's two children by her husband, Philip Garrido. Tapson argues that Nancy was merely a pawn in the whole scheme, and that she was manipulated by an evil, sadistic husband. Prosecutors contend, however, that Nancy Garrido abetted the kidnapping and subsequent abuse, and that she too should be jailed for life — albeit with a lesser sentence of 183 years.