Friday’s Briefing: First Friday Canceled; Big Bluefin Tuna Rebound


Stories you shouldn’t miss for Oct. 19, 2018:

1. The organizers of Oakland’s First Fridays in Uptown have canceled the next event scheduled for Nov. 1, saying they plan to review security procedures in light of the shooting that occurred several hours after the last event on Oct. 5, the East Bay Times$ reports.

2. Populations of big bluefin tuna have rebounded off the California coast, and scientists are attributing measures taken by the United States, Japan, and Mexico to prevent overfishing, Reuters reports. Bluefin populations had been pushed to dangerously low levels due to the global appetite for sushi.

3. A judge in San Francisco threw out criminal charges filed against homeless people who were arrested for sleeping on a sidewalk, saying the charges were unconstitutional in light of a recent federal appellate court ruling, reports Bob Egelko of the San Francisco Chronicle. A September ruling by the Ninth Circuit concluded that bans on homeless people sleeping in public places are unlawful if there is nowhere else for them to go.

4. Young Californians are becoming increasingly addicted to Juuling, a portable nicotine-delivery device, reports Nanette Asimov of the San Francisco Chronicle$. “The study, conducted by Stanford University researchers, found that the young Juul users were far more likely to have vaped in the past 30 days than those using other e-cigarettes.” Also, “youths who used Juul (nearly 16 percent) were more addicted to the product than those who used other kinds of e-cigarettes (30 percent), when ranked on an addiction scoresheet.”

5. And meterologists predict that California’s winter this year will be warmer than usual, meaning there likely will be less snow in the Sierra Nevada, SFGate reports. The total amount of precipitation, however, is expected to be average this year.

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