Friday Must Reads: Raiders Likely Not Going to LA; Opponents Sue Warriors over SF Arena Plans


Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. It appears increasingly likely that the NFL will not approve the Oakland Raiders’ application to move to Los Angeles and will instead allow the San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams to move there, the Bay Area News Group$ reports. As the Express noted this week, Raiders’ owner Mark Davis faces an uphill battle in his bid to move the team because he lacks the financial resources to build a new stadium and because he’s unpopular with fellow owners. The league is scheduled to vote on the issue next week.

2. Deep-pocketed opponents of the Golden State Warriors’ plan to build a new arena in San Francisco have filed suit to block the proposal, the Chron reports. The opponents, who are wealthy donors to UC San Francisco Medical Center, contend that the city failed to adequately address traffic and transportation problems that the new arena would create for the hospital. They also say the arena needs voter approval.

3. Governor Jerry Brown unveiled yet another conservative budget proposal that calls for using $2 billion in tax proceeds to greatly beef up the state’s rainy day fund reserve, the LA Times$ reports. The governor’s plan would provide more money for public education but would do little to repair the state’s shredded social safety net.

4. Brown also voiced strong opposition to November ballot measures backed by progressives and organized labor that would raise the minimum wage in the state to $15 an hour and extend tax increases on the wealthiest California residents, Capital Public Radio reports (h/t Rough & Tumble).

5. Silicon Valley billionaire Sean Parker donated $500,000 to the effort to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use in California, the Chron$ reports. Parker, the first president of Facebook, is expected to contribute millions to the cause.

6. State Senator Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, is proposing to stiffen penalties on people who waste large amounts of water during a drought, the Bay Area News Group$ reports.

7. Massive, fifty-foot-tall waves are now slamming into the San Mateo County Coast, the Chron reports.

8. And a swanky mansion in the Oakland/Berkeley hills sold for a record $20.5 million, the Bay Area News Group$ reports.