Friday Must Reads: Consultants Criticize OPD’s Failure to Investigate Crimes; Berkeley Schools Slash Acclaimed Cooking and Gardening Program



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. A team of high-priced consultants, led by William Bratton, the former head of the New York and Los Angeles police departments, criticized OPD’s failure to adequately investigate crimes — a problem that has plagued the department for years. Bratton’s team issued a set of recommendations that it promised would reduce crime in the city, calling on OPD to beef up its investigative units and assign detectives to cover smaller areas of the city. As the Express has repeatedly reported, OPD has one of the worst records for solving crime in the nation.

Alice Waters
  • Alice Waters
2. Because of federal budget cuts, the Berkeley school district has dramatically downsized its acclaimed cooking and gardening program, the Trib reports. The district is hoping that private donations will help keep the program going. Meanwhile, the Center for Investigative Reporting notes that 90 percent of the Berkeley High students avoid the school’s famed healthy lunch program, which chef Alice Waters helped design, and instead head off campus for fast food.

3. A British sailor died when an America’s Cup catamaran capsized in San Francisco Bay yesterday during a practice run. The accident raised questions about the safety of newly designed catamarans that are made to travel at record speeds.

4. State officials are pushing to implement regulations on the limousine industry in the wake of the horrific limo fire that killed five nurses last weekend, the Bay Area News Group reports. Currently, limos in California are basically unregulated.

5. State Attorney General Kamala Harris sued J.P. Morgan Chase bank for allegedly using fraudulent practices to go after up to 100,000 credit card users in California, the LA Times$ reports.

6. And airline travelers are avoiding delays thanks to recent Congressional action, but federal sequester cuts are taking a toll on the elderly and low-income residents, the Chron$ reports, noting that these folks lack political power in Washington DC.

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