Friday Must Reads: BART Cops Failed to Use Their Body Cameras; Warriors’ Owner Admits Building SF Arena Will Be a ‘Challenge’


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Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. The five BART cops who crowded into an empty one-bedroom apartment in Dublin failed to turn on their chest-mounted cameras before one of the officers shot and killed another, the Chron reports. BART police have yet to say why the officers weren’t using their cameras, which are designed to record interactions with the public. Investigators also have yet to determine why BART officer Michael Maes fatally shot Sergeant Tom Smith. Although Smith was wearing a bulletproof vest, the bullet from Maes’ gun managed somehow to hit him in the chest.

The Warriors proposed SF arena.
  • MANICA Architecture
  • The Warriors' proposed SF arena.
2. Golden State Warriors’ co-owner Joe Lacob acknowledged on KNBR radio that building a new basketball arena on the San Francisco waterfront will be a “challenge.” The Warrior’s arena proposal has faced a strong opposition from neighborhood groups and likely will end up on the San Francisco ballot.

3. The City of San Jose has appealed a federal judge’s decision that concluded that the city could not force Major League Baseball to let the Oakland A’s move to the South Bay, the Mercury News$ reports. Last summer, baseball commissioner Bud Selig informed A’s co-owner Lew Wolff that he had rejected the team’s proposed move to San Jose. The City of San Jose also has sued MLB in state court, claiming that the league has unlawfully interfered in a business deal — the move — between the city and the A’s.

4. A trial in Los Angeles next week could overturn teacher tenure, seniority rules, and job protections in California, EdSource reports (via Rough & Tumble). The case is being brought by a nonprofit called Student Matters, which contends that state laws make it impossible to fire bad teachers and are unfair to black and Latino students because the worst instructors often end up working in low-income neighborhoods.

5. And the East Bay school district of Brentwood agreed to pay $8 million to families of special needs children after failing to do anything about a teacher who physically abused the kids, the CoCo Times$ reports. The settlement follows an $8 million payout by the Antioch school district in similar case.

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