Friday Must Read: UC Regents Table Tuition Hike Plan: Student Loan Defaults Rise



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. The UC Board of Regents tabled a plan to further increase student tuition by 8 to 16 percent annually for the next four years, the Chron and CoCo Times report. Instead, the regents want to search for other ways to close UC’s projected $1.5 billion budget gap. The fee hikes, proposed by the UC administration, would have raised tuition from $12,000 up to $22,000 a year.

2. Students are increasingly defaulting on federal loans, as the job market for college graduates remains dismal, California Watch reports. About 8 percent of California students who took out federal loans in 2009 defaulted on them within two years. Nationally, it was 8.8 percent. Federal-student-loan defaults were most prevalent among those who attended for-profit institutions.

3. The tiny Emeryville school district finally emerged from state receivership — ten years after the state took control of it during the criminal probe of former Superintendent J.L. Handy. Emeryville actually was returned to local control several years ago, but the state continued to have final say over financial decisions.

4. Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to build an aqueduct around the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta could cause the fragile Delta to become more polluted with toxic selenium, the CoCo Times reports. Currently, selenium run-off from farming is diluted in the Delta by freshwater. But an aqueduct, which would siphon freshwater from the Sacramento River and send it to the southern Central Valley and Southern California, could deprive the Delta of the freshwater needed to counteract selenium pollution.

5. Netflix stock tumbled amid word that the Silicon Valley company lost 600,000 customers after it decided to dramatically raise its rates, the Chron and Mercury News report. Netflix is expected to lose even more customers because the 60 percent higher fees haven’t kicked in yet for all of its subscribers.

6. Chronicle columnist continued his call today for a nighttime youth curfew in Oakland, even though there is no credible evidence that curfews lower crime.

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7. Astronomers have discovered a Tatooine-like planet — the home of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars — that revolves around two suns.

8. And the Tribune today praises the decision by the City of Oakland to hire Fred Blackwell, the respected director of San Francisco’s redevelopment agency.