Friday Must Read: Perata Consultant Says They Should Have Attacked Quan and Kaplan More; Gas-Taking Alameda Fire Chief Quits


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Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. John Whitehurst, a political consultant for ex-state Senator Don Perata, told the Trib’s Josh Richman that the campaign’s only mistake was not attacking Jean Quan and Rebecca Kaplan. Perata had depended on a Sacramento group with close ties to him to finance hit-pieces against Quan during the fall, but his own campaign didn’t go negative on her. And he and his supporters laid off Kaplan after attacking her in June. Whitehurst, however, apparently didn’t acknowledge the numerous mistakes the Perata campaign made with ranked choice voting.

2. Alameda Fire Chief Dave Kapler, who was suspended for fueling his personal car at the city-owned pump, has resigned, the Trib reports. However, Kapler’s attorney indicated that he might sue the city if the council does not agree to a settlement package.

3. Demonstrators protested at Oakland’s Fruitvale BART station yesterday after the city began enforcing its new gang injunction in that area of the city, the Trib reports. The Chron reports that demonstrators also protested the fatal shooting by Oakland police of a domestic violence suspect earlier in the week.

4. Lameduck Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is calling a special session of the state Legislature in December to address the state’s projected $25 billion budget deficit, the Chron reports. Schwarzenegger wants to solve this year’s overspending problem, which amounts to about $6 billion, before leaving office. But Democrats may wait to deal with incoming governor, Jerry Brown.

5. In another sign that the foreclosure crisis may be waning, home seizures by banks fell 9 percent nationwide in October, Bloomberg News reports. Home seizures also plummeted 22 percent in California. And foreclosure filings dropped 4 percent nationwide last month.

6. East Bay juvenile justice advocates are protesting the selection process of Alameda County’s new probation chief, arguing that it’s been closed to the public, the Trib reports. But county officials say they’ve been interviewing probation chief candidates behind closed doors because some of them have jobs elsewhere.

7. And Oakland’s Lakeshore Avenue is enjoying an upswing thanks to the opening of several new businesses, the Trib reports.