Friday Must Read: Oakland Dismissed from Harborside Pot Case; Oakland Gun Violence Gets Attention from Sacramento



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. A judge dismissed the City of Oakland from a federal case involving the attempted closure of the medical pot dispensary Harborside Health Center, saying the city had no legal standing in the matter, the Chron and Trib report. The city had attempted to intervene in the case and stop the US Attorney’s Office from seizing the property occupied by Harborside, arguing that the closure of the club would harm Oakland. But US Magistrate Maria Elena-James ruled that the city cannot be considered a legal party to the case. The judge’s ruling, however, does not stop Harborside’s attempts to block its closure. The city also may appeal.

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2. Gun violence in Oakland has finally caught the attention of Sacramento lawmakers, who have now created a select committee to address it, the Chron reports. The committee will be headed by new East Bay Assemblyman Rob Bonta. Meanwhile, state Senator Leland Yee of San Francisco confirmed yesterday that he has received death threats as a result of his attempts to enact stricter gun control measures in California.

3. The man arrested last week by the FBI for an alleged terrorist bomb plot in Oakland may undergo a mental health evaluation before his case moves forward in federal court, the AP reports. The accused, Matthew Llaneza, has a history of mental illness. The case also has sparked criticism from civil rights groups who question whether Llaneza had the wherewithal to pull off a bombing without the FBI’s help.

4. It remains unclear as to whether Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern will purchase and deploy two drones in the East Bay, the Trib reports. At a contentious hearing yesterday, the county’s top lawyer said that Ahern could buy and deploy drones without getting approval from the county Board of Supervisors. Ahern said he would continue to work with the ACLU and other groups on privacy concerns related to the drones.

5. The state Parks Department hid millions dollars in funds for as long as twenty years — longer than previously known, the SacBee reports, citing a new state audit. In addition, the troubled department’s books are in such bad shape that it does not know how much it costs to run each of its parks in the state, AP reports.

6. And new research shows that moderate alcohol usage — as little as 1.5 drinks a day — is linked to cancer, the Chron reports.