Friday Must Read: Fate of Redevelopment and Tax Uncertain; Broussard Apologizes for Murdering Chauncey Bailey


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Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. It’s unclear this morning what Governor Brown is going to do about a bill approved by Democrats on Wednesday that would gut redevelopment. The Trib reports that big city mayors throughout the state, including Oakland’s Jean Quan, expressed outrage at the legislature’s decision, which could force many redevelopment agencies out of business or at least require them to abandon major construction projects. Earlier this year, Brown had proposed killing redevelopment agencies outright, but after his surprise veto yesterday of the Democratic budget package, it remains to be seen what he’ll do about the redevelopment bill, which was passed separately from the budget package. Voice of San Diego reports that Democratic senate leader Darrell Steinberg tweeted yesterday that he assumes that Brown will veto the redevelopment bill, too.

2. The same uncertainty is swirling around legislation passed by Democrats that would force and to start collecting sales tax from their customers in California, the Chron reports. Brown appeared to express support for the bill when he vetoed the budget package, but Democratic lawmakers expect him to veto the legislation as well.

3. Democrats, meanwhile, expressed anger and frustration with Brown for his veto, and remain pessimistic about the governor’s ability to obtain the Republican votes needed to put his tax-extension measures on the ballot. Democrats also appear to be unwilling to go along with Brown’s call for an “all-cuts” budget if the GOP continues to block the tax measures. As a result, the governor seems to have entered a no-man’s land in between both political parties, raising doubts about his vow to pass a better budget than the one he just rejected. The SacBee reports that Democrats, meanwhile, are awaiting word from state Controller John Chiang as to whether they will continue to receive paychecks. Chiang is analyzing the budget package they approved to see if it is “balanced” as required by law.

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4. Devaughndre Broussard, the confessed triggerman in the assassination of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey, apologized yesterday for the killing during a jailhouse interview with CoCo Times reporter Thomas Peele.

5. Richmond police arrested the alleged gunmen who killed two innocent bystanders at Sweet Jimmies club in Oakland’s Jack London district in April. The suspected shooter, Clem Tompkins, was hiding out in Richmond after killing two men at Sweet Jimmies whom he mistakenly thought were members of a rival gang, the Trib reports.

6. The Tribune strongly endorsed Acting City Attorney Barbara Parker today to take over as the permanent city attorney. Councilwoman Jane Brunner is also interested in the position. If the city council can’t decide on which one to choose for the job, then there will be a special election.

7. And California Watch has uncovered an apparent scam involving PG&E in which the utility has been convincing its customers to buy “carbon credits” in order to “protect” a redwood forest that has already been protected thanks to California taxpayers. In other words, PG&E is convincing state residents to pay twice to protect the same grove of trees.