Fremont Mob Says No to Oakland A's


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Damn, could the A's stay in Oakland after all? Team representatives drove out to Fremont yesterday, for what they thought was a small information-sharing meet and great with 25 neighbors around their proposed Warm Springs stadium site. But when they got there, sez the Fremont Argus, they saw 700 angry residents unalterably opposed to the stadium and ready to raise hell. Team officials opened up the meeting to at least 500 members of the crowd, who lustily cheered when someone brought up the notion of impeaching mayor Bob Wasserman for backing the Athletics. The A's original Fremont site is more or less dead in the water, and their new spot near the future Warm Springs BART station has already been met with catcalls and jeers from an angry mob. Hey, Lew Wolff: have you heard of this place called Oakland? We like baseball just fine; buy us some peanuts and cracker jacks, and stay a while.