Fremont Back in the Hunt for the A’s



The City of Fremont suddenly has a viable counterpoint to Oakland’s plan for a waterfront ballpark for the A’s — the soon-to-be closed NUMMI auto plant. The city recently unveiled its proposal for a 36,000-seat stadium on the huge, 370-acre property. The land, in fact, is so massive that there’s plenty of space for the planned ballpark village proposed by A’s co-owner Lew Wolff. In addition, the site is within walking distance of the new Warm Springs BART station scheduled to open in 2014.

Fremont’s proposal, coupled with the two new ballpark sites in Jack London Square, also could doom the A’s planned move to San Jose. That plan is predicated on the idea that there are no viable sites for the A’s in the East Bay. But now it looks as if there are at least three — two in Oakland, and one in Fremont.