Free Lunch if You're Innocent



If you're declared innocent in Walnut Creek Superior Court anytime next month — hey, it could happen — bring your court summons and proof-of-innocence documents to Walnut Creek's East Bay Buttercup Grill & Bar to receive a free lunch.

In another remarkable promotion cooked up by the folks behind family-owned Buttercup, which now includes five East Bay restaurants, May is Innocent Until Proven Hungry month. The original Buttercup, which opened 23 years ago, is across the street from the Walnut Creek Superior Court.

Anytime next month, display your court summons and resulting documentation to receive one complimentary lunch entrée up to the value of $10 (not including beverage). The offer is valid only on the day of your trial, and doesn't count for takeout meals. Hooray for not being guilty!