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Fred Thomas, Terry Malts, Tyvek, Rays At 1-2-3-4 Go! Records


The rare four-band set where you’re stoked on all the acts. First, Rays, whose track “Drop Dead” is that special brand of addictive post-punk jangle that’ll keep your knee-jerking through the weekend. And there’s Tyvek, whose most recent record is more of the same awesomeness that you’d expect from the Detroit rockers. And that band’s drummer, Fred Thomas (pictured), will also play a set, which presumably will include tunes off of the excellent Polyvinyl release Changer, which is dressed with confessional and quirky power-pop. Oh, and Slumberland trio Terry Malts fills out the bill. Pretty sweet. Special notice for curmudgeons, like me: The show is a four-band experience that’ll still have you in bed by midnight. Awesome.