Frat-Row Murder Suspect No Stranger to Fights


Suffused with horrific irony is a detail in a two-year-old Daily Planet article (dated January 17, 2006 and headlined "Principal Gives BHS Good Marks in Annual Address") about Andrew Hoeft-Edenfield, the man arrested today as a suspect in the frat-row murder of Cal senior Christopher Wootton. (Or, if not the suspect, someone with the exact same unusual name and around the same age.)

The article is about changes made that year at Berkeley High School, where Hoeft-Edenfield was apparently a student. Reporter Yolanda Huang wrote:

"Andrew Hoeft-Edenfield commented that the creation last year of on-site suspension, instead of sending students home was also a good idea, and that since transferring to Berkeley, he hadn't gotten into a single fight."—Anneli Rufus