Four of Last Seven Tree-Sitters Come Down



As the university continues to blockade food and water deliveries, three of the last seven Memorial Oak Grove tree-sitters climbed down in order to save food for the last of their comrades. One of the newly terrestrial protesters was immediately arrested, prompting the other two to scramble up the nearest tree. (gotta love those fight or flight reflexes, guys.) Police finally coaxed them down, undoubtedly once they realized they had nowhere to go and no food or water. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the three protesters have been charged with trespassing and violating a court order. A fourth tree-sitter eventually came down as well, as she was suffering from an undetermined medical problem. She will be charged once her condition stabilizes. Meanwhile, UC flack Dan Mogulof wins the prize for the most colorful quote of the week while describing the events: "We're getting very close to ending this long and difficult occupation. ... We want a safe end. This is a 1923 landscaping project, not an ancient forest. There's nothing here worth getting hurt over."