Food Policy Council Wants Oakland to go Micro-Local


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The spring edition of Edible East Bay is bursting with chewy content, including Matt Green's report (not accessible online, sadly) on Oakland's Food Policy Council, a project of the former mayor's Office of Sustainability. Here's Green's FPC synopsis: "This body's primary mission will be establishing a sustainable urban food system in which 30 percent of all of Oakland's food needs will be produced within the city or its immediate environs." A note to the haters: That's broccoli and artisan blue cheese he's talking about, not some new push to break ground on Cheetohs factories and MGD breweries within city limits. Green reports that Oakland's is but one of 31 food policy councils in North America, including nearby in Berkeley and SF, so hey, maybe the goal isn't so far-fetched. You can read Oakland's food assessment report from links here.