Follower: Rev. Moon Encouraged Shark Poaching



If you saw the debut of new Express column Full Disclosure in today's print edition, you've come to the right place to hear the audio of Reverend Kevin Thompson telling his flock about his baby-shark poaching ring and his confessions to Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Thompson of San Leandro agreed last week to spend a year in prison for his crimes. We'll see whether the feds also target Moon, the church's supreme leader and owner of the conservative newspaper Washington Times, now that there's a recording of one his followers saying that he told Moon about the shark poaching, and that Moon sought to expand the operation. The MP3 is a seven-minute excerpt of a 35-minute Thompson sermon on August 17, 2003. We spliced out one section, which revealed the location of the leopard shark spawning grounds in San Francisco Bay, in order to protect the sharks from further ill doings.