FKA twigs: Google Shill or Subvert? Watch "#throughglass."


For many media-attuned Bay Area residents, the mention of “Google Glass” evokes (cringe-worthy and sort of sweet) headlines about street-corner thievery and dive-bar embarrassment, along with the varying degrees of sarcasm with which your friends have used the term “glasshole.” Enter FKA twigs – the maverick R&B artist whose sold-out Great American Music Hall show we heartily endorsed in August – and "#throughglass."

It’s an advertisement, no doubt. It’s also a “concept film” directed by and starring (several characters played by) twigs. To a fragmented version of “Video Girl,” a track from her 2014 album LP1 about being recognized more often as a dancer than as a singer early in her career, twigs stares into a search engine on the $1500 “wearable” and then conjures dancing versions of herself according to the results. Is there a Google critique embedded in the clip, reflecting her stated weariness about privacy and identity in the digital age? Watch below.