First Listen: Beejus and Oops Release "Trouble" and Share Details on Upcoming Projects


Beejus and Oops are a creative dream team if there ever was one. Though the two West Oakland natives aren't blood related, they consider each other cousins and have been making music together since they were teenagers.  

Often rapping in tandem, Beejus counterbalances Oops' rapid-fire delivery with his gravelly flow, with Oops handling the majority of the duo's production. On Beejus' latest album, BeeSmoove2, Oops' soulful, jazzy beats underscore Beejus' contemplative lyrics about confronting insecurities and, as he put it, making friends with all my dark places. 

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Beejus' Free Spirit Music

Beejus and Oops have built a following through their FreeSpirit movement, which promotes an ethos of hard work and self-acceptance — something that certainly resonates with East Bay hip-hop fans raised on the based philosophy of Lil B. 

Now roommates, Beejus and Oops have been busy working on upcoming releases in their home studio. Later this spring, Beejus will put out his EP No Time But To Mob. Meanwhile, Oops is looking to release a cassette called The Oops Tape and a West Oakland-centric Tribe Called Quest tribute called A Tribe Called West (R.I.P. Phife Dawg). 

As they gear up to drop these individual projects, they gave the Express an exclusive listen to their collaborative track, "Trouble," a bouncy summer anthem that contains a palpable sense of excitement about their music careers' growing momentum. 

“This year is gonna be Oops’ year — Oops and Beejus’ year," Oops enthused in a recent phone interview. "We’re sending each other to start some trouble. We’re gonna shake up the city.”

“Lately, these past couple of months, I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz. [The song is] speaking on that," said Beejus, adding that his verse in particular deals with him grappling with his newfound recognition. "One of the lines is about my gold chain. A lot of people don’t know I spent ten dollars on my gold chain from a crack head. … I wear it because it looks good, but people look at me hella weird because I’m wearing a chain now.”

Listen to "Trouble" below and tell us what you think in the comments.