Films from the Express' 24-Hour Digital Film Festival



Last week, the Express held its annual 24-Hour Film Festival. Seven teams were challenged to make a film of up to five and a half minutes in 24 hours. Each team was given a basic scenario, nine props in which to choose six, and a line of dialogue selected at random that could be spoken or visually displayed.

Screenings and judging of the films took place on Earth Day, April 22, at Chabot Space & Science Center. Judges included Peter Sahaidachny, Ex'pression College of Digital Arts; Eric Havel, Chabot Space & Science Center; and Stephen Buel, East Bay Express.

Thanks to all who participated. Here are the results:

First Place: Team 4: Yak, Golly the Rainmaker
2nd Place (Tie): Team 6: The Visible Theater, EBX-2087
Team 1: Dirt Factory, Our Future Is Today

About the festival:

And the film festival's winner!

Team 4: Yak, "Golly the Rainmaker."
Film by Yoram Savion, Ben Tarquin, Kash Gains, Javier Ochoa, Denise Wallice, and Daniel Fragiadakis.

More films after the jump:

Team 6: The Visible Theater, "EBX-2087."
Film by Ben Euphrat, David Harris, Justin Liszanckie, Jon Lowe, Gene Mocsy, Ilja Sarro, and Maggie Mason.

Team 1: Dirt Factory, "Our Future Is Today (Trans Corp)."
Film by Paul Chandler.

Team 5: Hoi Palloy, "Corrective Vision."
Film by Jason Lelchuk, Chris Hayes, Rachel Silverman, and Alexandra Mitnick.

Team 7: Robot Destroyer, "Raxion - The Musical."
Film by Christopher Doornbos and Christopher Howarth.

Team 3: Newty Pictures, "The Past Present for the Future."
Film by Brian Bauer and Jesika Allen.

Team 2: Team Green, "The Final Delivery."
Film by Jarod Stewart, Spencer Campbell, Alyssa Alves, Daniel Schicman, and Eddie.