Feinstein Sides with Big Donor and Agribusiness



US Senator Dianne Feinstein intervened in California’s water fight on behalf of Stewart Resnick, a wealthy and influential donor who grows water-intensive crops in the dry southern Central Valley, according to California Watch. After receiving a letter from Resnick, Feinstein urged the Obama administration to conduct a major review of the science behind the federal government’s plan to protect decimated fish populations in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Resnick and other corporate agribusiness say the government's effort to save salmon and smelt has diverted water away from their farms.

Resnick and agribusiness also were instrumental in making sure that the statewide water pact between Governor Schwarzenegger and Democratic leaders requires no water rationing for farmers, even ones that grow water-intensive crops in the desert, while requiring residents to conserve up to 20 percent of the their water usage.