Feds May Close San Francisco's Famous Vapor Room by June 13


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Today the East Bay Express looks at the darkening cloud over another beloved Bay Area dispensary. Haight street icon Vapor Room faces imminent closure by local U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag. Vapor Room may shut its doors June 13, a staffer said on the phone Tuesday. As we write in the review, we may be witnessing the closure of one of the coolest cannabis lounges on the planet.

On Monday the club tweeted and Facebooked that they were closing for the day:

"Hey Folks, we're taking the day off. Sorry for the inconvenience. Check back this week. We look forward to seeing you soon!"

The tweet instantly set off speculation that the nine-year-old dispensary had succumbed to a months-long crusade by U.S. Attorney Haag. "Are you guys remaining open? I thought today was the last day?" a fan commented.

Vapor Room interior
  • Vapor Room
  • Vapor Room interior

Vapor Room has been officially mum on the topic, but said over the phone that June 13 is a tentative closure date for the storefront. The dispensary would keep operating as a delivery service.

Here's the petition Vapor Room is handing out at the club. It's clear they've been ordered to shut down by Haag.

For those who want to do something about it, the San Francisco chapter of national medical cannabis patient lobby Americans for Safe Access is leading efforts to stop the crackdown. They've helped get House minority speaker Nancy Pelosi to finally speak up, and helped resurrect the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment to defund federal interference in state pot laws.

Here's some photos from our Vapor Room files:

Tweetpic of May 1 Vapor Room Commendation from Board of Supervisors
  • @vaporroom
  • Tweetpic of May 1 Vapor Room Commendation from Board of Supervisors

The legendary Vapor Room Purple Nepal

VR concentrates
  • VR
  • VR concentrates

Even the VR boxes had style.
  • VR
  • Even the VR boxes had style.

Lastly, Bay Artist artist Jeremy Fish has a new line of "Superfishal" shirts out on Upper Playground, with three weed-inspired designs: "Dudes", "Slow Roller" and the VR-inspired "Med-Zeppelin". All worthy.

Dudes graphic by Jeremy Fish
  • "Dudes" graphic by Jeremy Fish

Slow Roller by Jeremy Fish
  • "Slow Roller" by Jeremy Fish

Med-Zeppelin by Jeremy Fish
  • "Med-Zeppelin" by Jeremy Fish